My All Time Favourite Disney Movies – Part 2

Everybody loves Disney movies, right?


Before you go any further you might want to first check out Part 1 of my list which runs from 15 through to 11.

10. Beauty and the Beast

This 1991 classic became the first full length animated feature film to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. Everyone knows the storied fable but Walt Disney Studios brings it’s own masterclass of humour and romance that makes it difficult not to re-watch many times over. Quality songs, entertaining characters and animation that raised the bar like no other, Beauty and the Beast is often regarded as one of the studios finest moments. There’s been a plethora of other adaptations and reboots of the story but Disney’s version remains head and shoulders above the rest.

9. Princess and the Frog

After several Pixar and CG releases, Disney returned to classic animation with this light-hearted, comical romp based on the famous fairytale. Set in lush New Orleans, Tiana announces herself as a formidable ‘modern day’ Princess. Feisty and independent, she’s the perfect role model that sets the tone for future Disney alumni Rapunzel and Anna. It’s jazz inspired soundtrack is reminiscent of The Jungle Book , which is never a bad thing and in The Shadow Man and Ray the firefly, the scares and laughs are shared in equal measures.

8. Wall-E

A rare foray into science-fiction, Wall-E is set in a world hundreds of years in the future when humans have all packed up and scampered off to live on lavish spaceships. Left behind is the robot in charge of cleaning up what remains and this is his story. It doesn’t exactly sound like an enthralling one but after only a few minutes of watching it’s clear that this Pixar movie is challenging the realms of storytelling. At it’s core it’s almost overly simple but it’s in these extremely intimate moments we share with Wall-E (when he gathers his ‘treasures’ as keep sakes) that warms our hearts to the point that we completely forget that we haven’t met another character or heard any dialogue at this point, which has to be applauded. When another robot arrives, Wall-E begins to feel something he hasn’t felt before. To steal a line from a very popular meme; it’s still a better love story than Twilight.

7. Ratatouille

A rat that just happens to be the greatest chef in all of Paris? What’s not to like about that? First off, the loveable rat in question is Remy, who unlike his brethren has a strong affinity with the human world, especially the food that they eat. When he is discovered enjoying the smells and tastes in the kitchen of a swanky restaurant by an apprentice chef out of his depth, Remy takes on the role of the mentor and begins to live out his dreams as a working chef. Much of the movie’s peak points revolve around Remy’s attempt to remain hidden from the villainous head chef Skinner. It’s genuinely a thrill ride adventure bursting with incredibly funny moments. In fact Ratatouille might be Pixar’s funniest movie to date.

6. Aladdin

From Pixar’s funniest movie to date to Disney’s funniest movie ever. Aladdin will best be remembered for the unforgettable performance from the incomparable Robin Williams as the Genie, one of the most loved Disney characters ever created in my opinion. Williams brings an unparalleled energy to the role of the Genie that by legend even surprised the rest of the cast and crew. Williams would constantly ad-lib lines and interject his own unique humour into the part. He didn’t just voice the Genie, he created the Genie as an entity in itself. So much so that the role will be remembered as one of the best of his career. The titular character’s portrait was based on an image of Tom Cruise and the character himself is sadly quite bland throughout the movie. Jafar, the evil nemesis, at times challenges the Genie’s presence but this is all about Robin Williams’ buffoonery, which still even two decades later has some undiscovered rib ticklers.


Thanks for reading and please let me know your thoughts on your favourite Disney movies. Be sure to check back soon for the third and final instalment in my countdown.

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One thought on “My All Time Favourite Disney Movies – Part 2

  1. While I’ve love Disney for more years than I really care to admit (Went to Disneyland the first month it opened), but I have a special relationship with three of them. At the age of 7 in the middle of the live version of Robin Hood & His Merry Men, I fell in love with Richard Todd. He had a three picture deal: Robin Hood, Rob Roy, and The Sword & The Rose. This affection lasted throughout his long career mainly in Britain until his death at 90.

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