Meet The Team


Founder/Editor/Writer – Gavin Logan. Screenwriter. Aspiring novelist. Lover of Cinema and all things Tolkien. Avid book reader. Part time geek. Pretend photographer. I’m also pretty formidable with a lightsaber! Yes, I’m probably the only bearded hobbit you are ever likely to meet!

Staff Writer for the Flickering Myth

Writer for CultNoise and 8th-Circuit

Author of online serial ‘A Dull Boy’. Don’t forget to register and +VOTE for each chapter!  Follow me on Twitter



Guest Writer – Stephen McDonnell. Aspiring Screen Writer and Novelist / Star Wars Fanatic / Lover of Comic Books / Free Thinker / I Have Sat On The Iron Throne / I Love Batman and Dave Grohl #ManCrush.

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0cQF0qAbGuest Writer – Gary McIlhagga. I am Just a coffee of a coffee of a coffee…

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Want to become a guest movie-reviewer? Apply HERE


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