Meet The Team


Founder/Editor/Writer – Gavin Logan. Screenwriter. Aspiring novelist. Lover of Cinema and all things Tolkien. Avid book reader. Part time geek. Pretend photographer. Biggs Darklighter clone. Yes, I’m probably the only bearded hobbit you are ever likely to meet!

Former Staff Writer for the Flickering Myth

Former Writer for CultNoise and 8th-Circuit

Author of online serial ‘A Dull Boy’. Don’t forget to register and +VOTE for each chapter!  Follow me on Twitter



Guest Writer – Stephen McDonnell. Aspiring Screen Writer and Novelist / Star Wars Fanatic / Lover of Comic Books / Free Thinker / I Have Sat On The Iron Throne / I Love Batman and Dave Grohl #ManCrush.

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0cQF0qAbGuest Writer – Gary McIlhagga. I am Just a coffee of a coffee of a coffee…

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