Join the Writing Team

Mad about movies? Fancy yourself as a writer? Up for writing some movie reviews for us?


At the minute we currently only have two writers but I’m eager to expand the writing team and am looking for enthusiastic and exciting writers to bring on board. Even if you’re not a “movie buff” so to speak, as long as you have the passion for writing your opinions about movies you have recently seen then there’s a place for you right here.

While I do expect you to write in your own voice and express your own opinions, I’m not really looking for fanboy type rants. Your movie reviews don’t necessarily need to be deadly serious – there’s always room for plenty of humour – but it’s important to remain professional when publishing any written material online.

You can basically pick any movie you want as long as it strictly adheres to the A-Z rule, which really just means that your movie review will only be posted once we get around to that particular letter of the alphabet. So it makes sense to to follow the letters accordingly.

I’ll also be adding some more non-review content to the site soon like feature articles and lists as well as maybe expanding the reviews into other medium like television and literature.

So whether you love nothing more than CGI infested popcorn flicks or whether you prefer the works of Jean-Luc Goddard, it doesn’t really matter. Movies are movies and they all have their place in this world.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in and if you think you can deliver at least one movie review every two weeks then fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you as a soon as possible. Don’t forget to add in a link to some writing samples.

Thanks for enquiring!

– Gavin

*This is not a paid position*



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