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Gavin Logan is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared on various websites –

Feature articles for Flickering Myth

Cesaro: His Time Is Now!

Kevin Owens: Why His Win At Elimination Chamber Is More Important Than You Think

Beyond Space and Time: What’s Next For Christopher Nolan

Is Disney Planning On Dropping The Episode Numbers From All The Star Wars Movies?

Does Anyone Really Care About Iron Man 4?

Who’s next in line for Star Wars director duties?

Doctor Strange: A new direction for Marvel?

Why we don’t need to be worried about the Star Wars spin-off movies

Hugh Jackman’s legacy & the future of Wolverine

Dissecting the new Star Wars cast

Oscar Opinions: Why Leo Deserves The Oscar But Probably Won’t Get It

Oscar Opinions: Are Russell & Hustle Realistically In The Running…

Oscar Opinions: If ‘Let It Go’ Doesn’t Win We Riot

‘Fleming’ Reviews: Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 

Feature articles for CultNoise

My 10 Most Memorable World Cup Moments

A Night At The Theatre

80’s Cartoons Still Rule

9 Years, No Trophy, Still A Proud Gooner

Is Netflix Good For TV In The Long Run?

Feature articles for MouthpieceFootball

Who Will Win the Premier League 2014/15?

World Cup Father & Sons

Who Are The 2014 World Cup Dark Horses?

One To Watch: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Feature articles for ProWrestlingMag

How to Make Roman Reigns the No.1 Babyface in WWE

News articles for 8th-Circuit


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